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Estate Planning Resources for Consumers

Estate Planning provides for the orderly distribution and succession of assets before and after an individual's death.

Since you will spend your lifetime accumulating wealth and property through work and business ventures, you should be the person who decides how it is distributed. The decision of distribution, however, is not automatic. If you do not have a will in the state of Ohio, for instance, state law will determine how your property is transferred—not you or your family.

The best way to retain your control is sound estate planning. By tailoring your estate plan to your individual financial situation and posthumous intentions, you can make the decisions that are best for your beneficiaries and your personal wishes.

Your estate consists of all property and interests in property that you own—both real estate and personal properties. Including the following:

  • checking and savings accounts
  • stocks and bonds
  • life insurance and annuities
  • business interests
  • retirement plans
  • jewels
  • autos
  • real estate
  • inheritances
  • other assets

The value of your estate is important in determining whether and to what extent your estate will be taxed after your death and the resources you will have available in the event of your incapacity.

Estate planning, to many people, is an uncomfortable thing. While estate planning may, in fact, trigger somber thoughts, not planning your estate can be financially devastating, leaving your family with high estate taxes, unnecessary fees, and distribution delays. They may even lose control of your property entirely.

The process of estate planning can be complex, but you can work with Anthony Rinaldi & Company, LLC to design the best plan for your goals. You will need to consider:

  • Who will administer your estate after your death?
  • Who will be the guardian of your children?
  • How can estate taxes be minimized?
  • How will the executor or trustee pay for the estate taxes if any are due?
  • How should you hold your property?
  • If you cannot care for yourself, who will take care of you?
  • If you cannot manage your estate, who will do so on your behalf?
  • Who will receive the proceeds of your insurance policy?
  • Who will receive the funds of your retirement benefits?

Perhaps it seems like a great deal to think about, but without estate planning you leave those decisions up to someone other than yourself or your family. Anthony Rinaldi & Company, LLC can devise strategies that will minimize estate tax and protect the interests of your beneficiaries.

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